The Art of Mosaics

Doubletake Images is pleased to announce the development of an exciting new product designed to be collected, displayed and treasured by sports fans.

Each one of the collectible TEAMOSAIC™ posters is made up of hundreds of pictures  and serves as a reminder that it takes a team to create a star.

Anatomy of a TEAMOSAIC™ Poster

The small images are chosen from the thousands of photographs taken by Doubletake photographers and arranged to create the illusion of an image.

The posters are likely to be prominently displayed in homes and offices; ensuring a residual and long-lasting branding effect for the team and sponsors.

Quality is assured by Doubletake Images, the world’s only producer of customized mosaic posters.

Sponsor Friendly

The demographic for TEAMOSAIC™ posters is male, 14-25 years old. Especially those who are interested in sports and innovation.

Because the posters will be prominently (and often permanently) displayed, sponsor logos will receive thousands of impressions over the lifetime of the poster.

The products have a low cost to high demand ratio which makes them ideal for national and regional sponsorships.

Think Collectible!

There has always been a strong demand from baseball collectors for new and innovative products. To encourage the collector’s market, posters of different players can be distributed randomly.

Trading will begin naturally as fans collect the entire set, and can be directed to the team’s website to help them evaluate their collections.

Any Size… Any Quantity!

There is almost nothing that Doubletake can’t accomplish when it comes to mosaic images. We have a wide assortment of packages in all shapes and sizes, from 11″x14″ to giant 24″x36″.

Contact us today for a price list and sample package.